Hello! Below are links to what we used during potty training. Click on the pictures for more information!


Our favorite potty at the moment - we bought this one at IKEA. It's lightweight and VERY easy to clean. The green top comes off for emptying and cleaning.

Potty that looks like a real toilet and makes flush noises

This one goes on top of the toilet - I especially like the handles and use this when we go out of the house

This one has steps up to the toilet and toilet cover. Eventually this will be our main potty.


"Oh Crap! Potty Training" - the holy grail of potty training books!

"Elmo: P is for Potty" - it's a lift a flap and great for keeping them occupied while sitting

"Potty Time with Elmo" song books (above and below) - my little still loves these

Elmo Potty Book Super Set (has progress chart, reward stickers, extra books)

"Daniel's Potty Time"

TV Shows/Movies

Elmo's Potty Time Movie - Michael LOVES this one

Daniel Tiger/Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty - great for songs to sing when potty


Sesame Street Calming Jar Kit
- this was a fun project as well as a great distraction for potty sitting

Peppa Pig Super Sticker Book

Honestly, any toys or books that will hold their interest while they sit on the potty is winning.

Bathroom essentials

Water wipes for clean ups

Flushable wipes are nice as they have a similar feeling to diaper wipes.

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