Studio Ghilbli - PLEASE make this into a movie.

“Curiosity is the curse of the Clever. Or perhaps cleverness is the curse of the Curious. In any case, I am never lacking for either, I’m afraid, which does keep me rather busy.”

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

5 out of 5 stars

Totally unexpected how much I loved this book! Went in thinking it would be a cute and easy read and within the first two chapters I realized it would be a much deeper story.

Reminded me a lot of "Howl’s Moving Castle", same kind of quirky universe with mischievous magic, lovable main characters and darkness lurking around corners.

Book that reminds you to question EVERYTHING.

“And the more they asked, the more they wondered. And the more they wondered, the more they hoped. And the more they hoped, the more the clouds of sorrow lifted, drifted, and burned away in the heat of a brightening sky.”

Life lessons included but not limited to truth vs lies, healing and helping others, bond between mother and child, sorrow, unconditional love, and death. I definitely cried a little at the ending, which contrary to some opinions, I enjoyed and thought was done very well.

Will leave you with my new favorite poem:

“The heart is built of starlight
And time.
A pinprick of longing lost in the dark.
An unbroken chord linking the Infinite to the Infinite.
My heart wishes upon your heart and the wish is granted.
Meanwhile the world spins.
Meanwhile the universe expands.
Meanwhile the mystery of love reveals itself,
again and again, in the mystery of you.
I have gone.
I will return.”