Eight months after giving birth I realized I needed to make some big lifestyle changes. Besides adding in more physical activity to my daily routine, I also become hyper aware of my food choices and nutrition. One thing I was really interested in finding out was how my body reacted to certain foods. When I heard about the food sensitivity test you can take from home via EverlyWell, I knew I had to try it out.

If you haven’t heard of EverlyWell, it’s an online company that provides 30+ at home tests on everything from fertility to food sensitivity. From their website: “Our tests offer simple sample collection, free shipping, and physician-reviewed results and insights sent to your device in just days.” I’ll be checking out their other test services soon, I’m sure.

Just to clarify - this is a food “sensitivity” test NOT a food allergy test. The blood sample looks at Immunoglobulin G responses to various foods you have consumed. Once results are received, the recommendation is to eliminate foods with high and moderate reactivity for one month and then add them back in slowly, one at a time, to see how your body reacts. Make sure to read the information on their website if you decide to try out the service.


Food Sensitivity

What comes in the kit:
Return shipping box and label
Blood sample card
Biohazard baggie for sample storage
3x lancets
Packet of actually really nice bandaids

The sample collection process was a breeze - prick you finger and drop about three drops of blood onto the sample card (I did all five but they only require three.)

Honestly, the hardest part was doing the finger prick, I pulled away the first time so ended up using two of the lancets (the lancet is a one time use device, which is why they give you three.) Didn’t hurt but I did need to squeeze my finger a bit to fill in all five sample circles.

Make sure to let the sample dry for about an hour before you close it up. And don’t forget to fill out the name/date of collection section and register/write down your collection kit number!

Once dry, I packed it all up as instructed (also super easy) and shipped away.


One week later…

Seriously, my results came in one week after sending out the package. It was amazing. Best part is, results are easily visible for a mobile device and user friendly.




As you can see, the main thing I am reactive to are eggs. Which is interesting because all during my pregnancy I could not stand eggs. I also seem to have a yeast imbalance and slight gluten intolerance (gluten was at .29 and .3 is considered moderate.)

Since receiving these results, I’ve cut out eggs as much as I can (which is a lot harder than I thought...everything has eggs in it) as well as anything with gluten/wheat (except wine…) I’ve found that post meal body reactions that seemed standard for me have basically disappeared. This includes feeling bloated, gas/gas pains and on/off IBS symptoms. On the occasions when I do consume something with eggs or gluten I am totally aware of my body’s reaction. Breakouts and dry skin seem to follow shortly behind eating these items as well.

My husband also took the test and his results were even more interesting. One thing he loves is red meat, which he has a HIGH reactivity too. Shockingly, he has now cut out red meat (for the most part) from his diet. The effects of which have been a major improvement for him.

The other nice thing about the results is how they come with a breakdown and insights into potential “whys.”


I will say the test is fairly pricey at $199 but the company occasionally runs specials. For me, the win was the convenience of not having to go into a doctor’s office and the incredibly quick turnaround.