Truth: anxiety, muscle aches and sleep disruption are par for the course of parenthood. Once I had my son, I knew I would always have that little voice in my head wanting to make sure he's safe. I knew my body would ache from picking him up and carrying him around, and I knew sleep was no longer on my schedule. All of this and more I gladly accepted for the immense joy my son has brought into my life. However, while I have accepted my fate, it doesn't mean I can't look for ways to address and treat the symptoms.

Another truth: I am not a big pharma kind of lady. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for modern day medicine and if we (my family) are ever sick we go to a doctor. When it comes to less life threatening things though, like anxiety or back aches, I tend to look for a more holistic approach first.

CBD has become a huge part of the hemp market for holistic care. Living in California I've been lucky enough to have access to all types of hemp products which has resulted in my friends in other states (who haven't had similar exposure) reaching out for advice on what and where to buy CBD. I had the opportunity to try out the CBD marketplace in my search for good recommendations and I have to say I was very impressed.

Canabyst is what I would call a "high end" online CBD shop. The company sells a wide range of premium CBD brands and my favorite part is that the products are organized into easy to search categories like mood, fitness, beauty and relief (just to name a few.) There are also sub-categories like oils, tinctures, topicals, and even pet products. For my personal selection I looked around the mood, wellness and relief categories. I plan to try out some of the pet products on my high strung kitty in the near future!

Visually, the products are beautiful. Professionally, the site checks all the boxes (all products have a certificate of analysis, 24/7 customer service, and added plus of free shipping.) For newbies, the site has a nice "new to CBD?" feature that walks you through what symptoms you're trying to treat and recommends a variety of products. For 15% off your first order, use promo code: Wander15 !

My product choices

Be Calm Hemp Capsules by Plant People


To address: anxiety, stress and sleep disruption

Type: CBD capsule (1-3 daily)

Results: I started out taking one capsule at night after putting my son to sleep to see how the product would affect me. I noticed a sense of calm within an hour and my sleep was sound (highly unusual for me.) My husband, who for years has been using CBD as pain relief for a neck issue, also tried the product and had a positive outcome as well.

While the capsules helped me get a good night sleep I didn't notice any added drowsiness (something I've felt with other CBD products in the past) so I next tried a capsule during the day around the time I put my son down for his afternoon nap. Usually around this time I'm reaching max stress levels from the energy it takes to be a stay at home mom entertaining a toddler. When I took a Be Calm capsule I noticed it was like that extra blanket of anxiety was lifted. Not in the sense that I no longer cared but more like the irrational part of my brain was taking a nap. That crazy knot of stress was loosened just a bit - enough to actually let myself relax.

The product also came with me on a recent trip to Disneyland - another experiment in testing how the capsules worked during the day. Outcome was similar and I felt like the product helped take a bit of the edge off of navigating the theme park. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts by Vertly


To address: muscle aches

Type: skincare/topical/bath salts

Results: This product smells like heaven, and the best part is it's full of organic and plant based ingredients. No toxic added fragrances, just pure plant and essential oils.

I decided to use this product after an especially long day of carrying my son around - my back was killing me. Warm baths are amazing in general but these salts were an added indulgence. Besides the amazing smell, the product made the water incredibly soft and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the tub for 20+ minutes. My back felt relaxed and I had a great nights sleep but it's hard to say if it was 100% because of the product or a combo of it and a warm bath. I will say my skin was soft for days after and my husband asked why our bathroom and bedroom smelled like a spa.


For this product, I think I would buy it occasionally as it's a one time use bag (had to empty the whole thing in the bath) and save it for those moments when my body really needs some TLC.

Warm Vibes by Fifth & Root


To address: sore muscles

Type: topical/roll on

Results: What can I say, it's impossible for me to pass up an aesthetically beautiful roll on. Particularly if it has stones/crystals inside. I was most excited for this product and it did not disappoint. I now carry the roll on with me everywhere.

The benefit of a roll on is being able to target problem areas. This particular product has a mixture of CBD oil and stress relieving/anti-inflammatory herbs (like St. John's Wort) plus warming peptides (capsaicinoids to help promote circulation) so you actually feel the topical working. The sage and lavender oil smell is softly relaxing (NO fake fragrances) and, my favorite part, beautiful red jasper stones known for gentleness, comfort and relaxation. I use this product specifically on my neck and lower back and the results are instantaneous warming and comfort. It is an oil base so I would recommend not putting it on under clothes that might stain from or absorb the oil.

This is a product I will buy again and likely give as a gift to friends.

Ordering from Canabyst

Overall, I had a great experience with ordering from Canabyst. You can't beat the easy to use website and the bonus of free shipping. My three products did arrive in separate shipments but I received them all within a few days of ordering (the day after I ordered the "your products have shipped" email came through, speedy turn around!) I'm so glad I was able to try out this service and will be recommending it to friends and family who are curious about the growing world of CBD.

If you're interested in high quality CBD products, check them out and save 15% with promo code: Wander15


Thank you Canabyst for sponsoring this post! I received complimentary products from Canabyst in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and the products picked out were of my own choosing.